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I'm nauseous. My head is pounding. HOW did I get home??? What did I do last night?

Oh, I remember. Khoi was in town.

Bits and pieces of the day are coming back to me very slowwwly. Cheeseburgers, calamari, ceviche. Beer, wine, sake, champagne. More beer. More sake.


Khoi is one of my closest friends from high school- his last name is Boy (not spelled that way, but say it out loud). We used to ditch class to go body boarding in Santa Cruz, blasting Da Funk all the way on Highway 17. Untz, untz, untz. Good times.

He's married now, bought a house, wears a suit to work, has a cat and dog- I only see him about once a year, but he's the same ol' Khoi, he's like a brother to me. And it turns out that I am indeed the same ol' Kayoko- he called me out!

We raged Manhattan like we were still 15. Always lovely to see old friends- it keeps you grounded. I'll report our ridiculous eating marathon in stages throughout the day today (between bathroom hurl breaks- jesus).

So Khoi had a few hours to burn at 2pm between bore-a-thon convention lectures. We were starving. I figured we could lunch at MoMA and check out the Dali show in one swoop. I'm a genius, what can I say?

When you're midtown, you REALLY need to know where to eat- it's expensive and touristy, horrible combination. The cafe on the second floor at MoMA is one of my go-to places- it's excellent food in a casual, cafeteria-style environment. It's definitely one of the best museum cafes in the world, I would say.

Ok, here we go, Round I of our Food Marathon:

Walking up to the cafe, the menu is on the wall to your right. Genius.

Get to the register, order, they give you a number. Check out the hanging meats! Love it.

Walk past the droolicious display of their antipasti.
Find a seat, get yourself some water. Again, genius.

Wait a bit, and they bring you your food. So simple, so clean.

From their antipasti menu of small plates: roasted beets with fresh ricotta. The ricotta was so creamy and light. Delicious.

Calamari salad: the cucumbers added a nice summery crunch, and there were these little black beans that was a great addition (we thought they were capers at first!)

Main: sopressata panini. Eh, not that great, but then again I'm not a huge panini fan. I prefer my sandwiches at room temperature.

But the panini was totally worth it just for these little marinated tomatoes they give you. Omg these tomatoes- so vinegary, so tart, a serious umami explosion.

I forgot to take a pic of the rigatoni with sausage, which was surprisingly delicious. It was in a tomato cream sauce, really satisfying.

Check out this meat slicer! It's kitchen gadget gorgeousness.

Yes, museum admission is required to get into this cafe, but it's a fantastic place to take a lunch or teatime break between the Warhols and the Matisses.

Next up, the best burger in Manhattan...

MoMA Cafe 2
Entrances on 53rd & 54th Streets
Between 5th & 6th Avenues


  • how funny, i’ve actually NEVER been to the Met cafeteria! let’s go!!! i always end up going to Neue Gallerie across the street.

    kayoko on

  • I love museum food!! I don’t know why I haven’t gone to the MoMA cafe…but there always seems to be so many people…do you love the MET cafeteria??

    Sonja on

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