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Disclaimer: Khoi is a childhood friend- NOT a date!

Alright, let me finish this KhoiBoy Food Marathon Trifecta with our final meal together. We went to this super trendy Japanese-Brazilian fusion restaurant Sushi Samba, which is a major meat market in the West Village (do people still say "meat market"?). We're talking hot servers, hot managers, hot bartenders, hot diners who all want some hot ass. Lots of loud techno Brazil chillout music. Lots of cleavage. LOTS.

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh.

A good friend of ours is one of the many lovely lady servers at this place, so Khoi wanted to say hello. She was working on the top floor- a great open-air terrace with a tropical vibe. Pretty neat space. We lucked out and got the best seat in the house: a two top outside overlooking 7th Avenue. How ever so romantic.

This place is all about sex... and the food? Eh, forgettable. Expensive. And of course it's totally mobbed with people every night. People are so predictable, right? You know it, baby.

If there's one dish I want to highlight though, it's these yellowtail ceviche tacos. Oh my, these were so delightful- I'm not sure they're on the menu, I think our friend just brought them out.
The fish was tangy, nicely citrused, packed in with some smooth guac, folded within a crispy flour tortilla, and topped with a mound of radish and lettuce. There was this little cup of liquid sauce to go with it that looked like beer. That was a little weird.

Everything else? Like I said, forgettable (and yes, I have forgotten it all already).

Ceviche foursome:

Seabass and miso "anticuchos" on a bed of Peruvian corn. This corn was actually really good- really huge. The fish were way to saucy, too salty.

Spicy rock shrimp tempura lettuce wraps. Meh- dripping in sauce.

Warm chocolate banana cake with vanilla rum ice cream.
The combination of the boomboom music, the boobage, and the booze are all supposed to put you in a kinky mood when you dine here. I'm not sure people actually come here for the food- although your wallet will take a beating for sure, trust me. In any case, you'll find a lot of people making out everywhere. WOOHOO! Kinda a nightmare scene (unless you are one of the people making out), but maybe we all could use a little bit of Vegas once in a while.

Sushi Samba

87 7th Ave South
T: 212.691.7885


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