Sake Gumi
This place was good enough to spend both of my last two birthdays.

Kigi is tucked in the heart of Setagaya-ku's Sakurajosui. Its unpretentious service and earthy food is what I miss most about the Northern Californian food scene. Kigi is a perfect place to counter Tokyo restaurants' tendencies to deliver over-the-top, fake service, and immaculate food that has denied the earth and hands that raised it.

Kigi only allows for two parties to dine per night, therefore, reservations are necessary. The menu is fixed at 8000yen (not including drinks) and varies daily. They only use ingredients that are in season.

From the top, here are the photos:

Our room, which takes up the whole first floor. The other party takes up the second floor.

Appetizer: Fig and satoimo in regional miso (forgot what region)

Appetizer: Sashimi that melts in your mouth

Appetizer: Clockwise from top left: Kikuna gomae, shellfish, kabosu, tai

Appetizer: Fish ball (forgot what kind of fish) with ginnan and shrimp.

Appetizer: Kaki (oyster) chawanmushi

Main dish: Japanese radish, baby corn, asparagus, wagyu

Shime: Hand made soba

Dessert: Fall fruits

4-20-19 Sakurajosui
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

T: 03-3304-8935


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