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Kimchi Pasta

Remember when I made kimchi fried rice? It has become my staple meal when I feel ultra lazy. Read: ALL THE TIME.

So how panicked was I when I went to the kitchen yesterday to take out all the precious ingredients out of the fridge, but then realize that I was missing RICE.

Epic FAIL. As @Jerkey pointed out, "What self-respecting Japanese person does not have rice at hand at all times??"

Apparently, this Japanese person.

I literally didn't have anything to eat other than kimchi, sausages, egg, green onions and... PASTA?!?!??? Could I do it? More importantly, should I do it? It really sounded assnasty but thought it was worth an experiment, umamimart style.

It couldn't be far off from, say, japchae, right? Oh god, so off-course already.

Side note: the Japanese are known to add the wackiest, unheard of stuff with pasta- enough to make a Sicilian mama cry in her bed at night with shame and sorrow. See Yamahomo's recipe with furikake here, and Yoko's karasumi pasta with baby sea creatures here (actually, I believe this is a Sardinian dish in origin, so mama, stop crying).

Basically I did everything the same exact way as I would make the fried rice.

Sautee the kimchi, green onions, sausages.

Kimchi Pasta

Add the PASTA. Oh god, here we go.

Kimchi Pasta

I like to add extra kimchi juice cause apparently I like my pasta TRUE BLOOD SAUCY.

Kimchi Pasta

Even after the kimchi juice though, it was lacking the umph factor (UMAMI). So I added two god-foresaken condiments: tonkatsu sosu (Japanese worcestershire) and kewpie mayo.

Cue Sicilian mama sob sounds.

The little white glob here would be the mayo.

Kimchi Pasta

Let's meditate on the grossness of these additions for a moment. Squeal if necessary.

In support of high cholesterol, I added a barely-cooked fried egg. Mmm... Shave over some parmigiano (ok, ok, this one came out of a green tube) and crack some pepper. Et voila!

Kimchi Pasta

And you know, it wasn't bad!! I think the next time I feel like having noodles instead of rice (which is to say most of the time), I will make this again. Definitely do not need the tonkatsu sauce, that was so unnecessary. But the mayo gave the whole thing some depth and texture, so that was a good call.

What do you think, folks? Yay or Nay??

PS- I am just seeing that our friend Ambitious Deliciousness just made kimchi pasta earlier this month. Her's is much prettier, but I do feel a bit more validated for making this. Holler.

*Kayoko lives in Cupertino, CA. Her sole goal in life at the moment is to be a kickass bartender. And then, take over the world by getting everyone drunk.


  • this loooks so delicious to me!

    saaara on

  • I love how you TOTALLY know that some readers will be like…WHAT?! =)

    Kimchi juice makes this dish. More fermented, the better!!

    Ambitious on

  • Make me this when I come home next week!!!!!!

    tomotron on

  • Kimchi fried rice is a staple in my kitchen. And kimchi pasta would be the next step, bring it on! I once had kimchi doria when I visited Japan: rice, kimchi, white sauce and cheese cooked under a grill (like a gratin) and although it sounds horrendous was actually rather yummy!

    Sakura on

  • I always use gochujang and egg and mix that in with my pasta, and toss some chopped kimchee on top. Yum Yum!


    Vivian Lee on

  • Hey that's not half bad! I was envisioning something else but that looks really good. The sausage helps a lot and the egg helps for aesthetic. When I say "Kimchee Ramen" to myself I am able to wrap my head around it.

    Yum … now I want some Chigae!!

    The Jerkey on

  • Hi Kayoko – Looks great to me! The thing I have an issue with is….how the heck could you be out of rice??!!!? he-he-he……

    KirkK on

  • My girlfriends and I make this sometimes, except we also add in some spaghetti sauce. The spicier the better!

    Olivia on

  • i love you guys! you're the only ones who indulge me in my ridiculousness.

    kayoko on

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