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Anybody been to Kyotofu? Same people who did Chikalicious.

"Like its precursors, ChikaLicious and Room4Dessert, Kyotofu endeavors to turn the meal’s last course into a dedicated evening outing, accessorized with fruity cocktails and wrapped up in a sleekly designed, date-friendly package. And with its focus on the flavors of Japan and the gracefully subtle incorporation of soy into eleven out of the fifteen items on its short menu, Kyotofu is making its own distinctive mark on an increasingly crowded postprandial market." (New York Mag)


  • also fyi, umami mart contributor, Erin, food photographer extraordinarie, is shooting all the pics for the official Room 4 Dessert picture (recipe??) book. will be published soon, i think.

    kayoko on

  • we’ve gotta go! the walls look like a block of tofu! brilliant.

    kayoko on

  • we walked by this place last night- very odd location on 46th-ish and 9th ave, but looked VERY CUTE. we must check it out.

    kayoko on

  • Kyotofu was written up in Time Out New York this week.

    looks SO good – we gotta go!!!!!!!!

    ayagwa on

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