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The word "blanched" is just a fancy way of saying "briefly boiled." It's my favorite kind of cooking: boil water, add vegetable, pour into colander seconds later. That's it!

This is what I do with bok choy when I buy it by the bagful in Chinatown or the local Asian grocer. It's super cheap and an easy alternative to the bore-a-thon salad.

Boil water, add bok choy. Let it sit for 30 seconds.

Pour out the water into a colander. Run under cold water.

Here I've squeezed out the water and put into a bowl. I sprinkled on some sesame seeds and add soy sauce or ponzu (citrus soy sauce).

GO GREEN! Super healthy and perfect for the hot summer months. I do this with spinach too, and all other bitter Asian greens.


  • I have a great (and easy) bok choy recipe I need to make/post…maybe this weekend.

    Hamamama on

  • I hate it when bok choy is overcooked!!! Lazyass cooking success indeed!!!! :D

    Ambitious on

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