Sake Gumi

While my laziness usually outshines my brilliance in the kitchen, once in a while the stars align and I come up with a dish that is pretty damn awesome (but still in line with my laziness- I keep it real!).

I found Japanese eggplant (tends to be slender with softer skin than the chubby American ones) and enoki mushrooms in the fridge so I decided to saute them together. But it couldn't be just another lame stir fry!


I decided to cut the eggplant into diagonal pieces and season it with a curry mayo sauce.


Mayo, curry powder and a dash of sake.


Add a tablespoon of oil into the pan and add eggplant. It's no secret that the more oil, the better eggplants taste- but I'm trying to eliminate as much oil as possible to keep my lithe shape.

Awkward silence.

Stir fry for a few minutes (until the skin turns iridescent purple), then add the enoki.


At the end, add just a dab of sesame oil. You add this at the very end, so the dish has sesame oil nuances- it's actually pretty bad for you so you shouldn't really cook with it excessively.


Add the curry miso sauce.


That's it!!! The curry will sorta clump together and burn a little in the bottom of the pan, but make sure you scrape it all off- it's the best part!



  • egg plant and mushrooms are my two favs!! looks great!

    DSK Steph on

  • Yummmmmz Kayoko! Look at your pretty pictures :) I always feel freaked out about warming mayo up tho…

    U N I F O R M B E H A V I O R on

  • Yay! I’m uploading via Flickr, just as the doctor ordered.

    Is mayo not supposed to be heated up? I didn’t get that memo. You mean you’ve never had mentaiko mayo pasta, Sonja? Say it ain’t so!!!

    kayoko on

  • Wow!! As Anders says, the outer package says USE WITHIN ONE MONTH AFTER OPENING. But I know for fact no one follows this rule. I know mine have been in the fridge for at least 3 months. Also there’s a warning "CAUTION! CONTENT MIGHT SPATTER AND SPOT YOUR CLOTHES WHEN YOU OPEN AND CLOSE THE UPPER CAP. It sounds like some sexual act.

    yamahomo on

  • Anders- Kewpie only has a one month life span?? I need to alert Hideko of this immediately. This definitely explains why I’ve turned into such a weirdo— it must be Expired Kewpie Syndrome. Thanks, Ma!

    kayoko on

  • I made this last night! It turned out well and acted as a fine, spacy sidedish in a vegetarian meal. Had to drive around town for an hour to track down Japanese Kewpie mayo (the shop only had a 500 ml bottle, so I need to be adventurous with my mayo cookin for the next month before it goes bad)

    Lazy-ass cookin is my fave column ever!

    Anders on

  • Yamahomo: Squirty Mayo – another product added to the Gay Foods post? (I found one already: Disco Bits – a colourful cracker for the lightfooted male)

    You guys should come up with creative recipes with expired mayo so I can use it(within 3 months then), please.

    Anders on

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