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Looks like we're celebrating carbs here at UM, as this rice post is back to back with Yoko's mugi-toro don! Ain't nothin' wrong with carbs, people- get over it!!! Kimchi fried rice is my new favorite dish to cook up at home- it takes seven minutes to make from start to finish (I timed it), and it's just so heartwarming, and most importantly, EASY. Last week, I made this dish not once, but twice. How's that for lazy.*

So all you need is kimchi, green onions, some sausage (I always have little Kurobuta links in my fridge, but you can also substitute with ham, or spam, or nothing at all if you prefer) and an egg. The egg is mucho importante- it brings another dimension to the dish so don't skip this.

Chop onions, kimchi and sausages like so:


Sautee sausage with some oil:


Add onions and kimchi and sautee for about a minute. Dump in rice. Pour some kimchi juice over the rice- not too little or the dish will be bland, but not too much or it'll turn out too salty.

Sautee altogether for another minute or two, until the rice starts getting a little crispy around the edges (like the stone pot for bibimbap!).


Now, scoop the rice onto your bowl or plate. Take a paper towel and wipe off any fried rice debris, but don't wash the pan- the sausage fat is important for frying the egg. Plop egg into pan as you desire- I like mine sunny side up.


Slip the egg on top of the rice. That's it!!! An awesome dish full of flavor and protein that takes less than ten minutes to make. How awesome is this??


*At the expense of my laziness, I wonder if using kimchi in this way is in any way considered a cultural faux pas. Sort of like dumping rice in miso soup in the Japanese culture- everyone does it in the privacy of their own homes, but is it really a no-no???

Also, is it kimchi or kimchee???


  • YCNBS- I'm totally gonna try ordering bokumbap next time I'm out for Korean!!!

    Natsu- yes, the sausages can be found at Sunrise. They are these little ones in the meat section. They're relatively cheap, relative to like the fatty little smokies at the regular grocery store.

    kayoko on

  • kayo-chan, i am dying to make this now and just bought a mega jar of kimchi. i also tried to find the kind of sausage featured in your photo, but couldn't for the life of me. went to k-town and whole foods but no dice. do you know where i can find in nyc? will they have at sunrise mart?

    natsuf on

  • no, not a faux pas, k. in fact, there's a name for this dish: bokumbap. it's quick and easy and especially great if you've got a lot of kimchi! or kimchee.

    youcannotbeserious on

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