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Lazyass Cookin': Tofu Salad

Spare me the formalities and let me present to you: The Cold Tofu Salad.

- Cold tofu, the kind you get in the square plastic container in the refrigerated section of the store. Your best bet is to get the House brand, which is at many markets now (I personally like the medium firmness, although silky is nice for the salad too). For all you Californians: I've recently discovered that Marukai's tofu is AWESOME. For $1 a pop, it's the best out there.

- Sliced cucumbers, for the crunch factor.

- Grated ginger, for the spice kick.

- Little wakame (seaweed) pieces, which Joe pointed out looks like ANTS!

- A dribble of ponzu.

A lazyass post for an even lazier dish-- forgive me. This seriously takes two minutes to prepare; a great dinner for the HOTHOT summer nights-- super light, and equally nutritious.

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  • I’ve done a similar version with soy sauce and sesame oil. Look yum Kayoko!

    tomo on

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