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Hey here's a quick way to create a tasty, protein filled, hearty breakfast to follow a lively evening where there may or may not have been too much Veuve Cliquot.

First lightly saute / warm up the carnitas you purchased by the pound earlier in the week from Mariana's, the finest Mexican supermercado in Las Vegas.

Then add the excess bacon that you had from making bacon wrapped dates last night as an accompaniment to previously mentioned Veuve.

Ignore their telepathic suggestions and psychic attacks.

Quick, beat some eggs while sipping orange juice and also taking your daily immuno-blast pills.

With the gas at medium heat, fold in eggs.

When eggs have achieved the consistency of flan (if flan had a gang of pork mixed in), it's time to eat.

Garnish with the leftover heirloom tomatoes and olive oil that went on the bruschettas last night. Enjoy with 2 cups of strong coffee.

*MedinaVegas is a bon vivant based in the culinary nexus of Las Vegas. His interests include keeping it real.


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