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People have mentioned to me that they want more of an "editorial voice" from this blog. I'm a serious Twitteraholic, so ya'll can find me there anytime for some rude and crude remarks in 140 characters or less. But I'll do a "Letter from the Editor" once in a while, like Martha Stewart or Dana Cowin. But I'm so much more fun. Ha!

So it's finally happening: I'm MOVING! Living with my folks for the last 18 months has been awesome and all (THANK YOU HIDEKO AND KUNIO!!!), but the time has come for me to bust the hell out of Cupertino. Let's face it: living rent-free just amplified my laziness. Being in iTampon Land has had the opposite effect on me in terms of motivation--  instead of joining the hi-tech geek squad, my main accomplishments since moving back has been watching The Wire, Six Feet Under, and The West Wing, from start to finish. Conclusion: TV is AWESOME. You should all try it sometime.

It's been an amazing time for rest, sleep and hibernation, but it's time to bring back some action and glamor in my life.

Which is why I'm moving to... OAKLAND! So glamorous. San Francisco, like Manhattan, is a bit too glossy for me, so I've opted to be over the bridge. It's so my style. Oakland will be my little Brooklyn, I'm so excited (oddly, it really does remind me of BK in many ways). The main reason for moving to the East Bay is to be closer to Yoko, who lives in Berkeley. We have a lot of exciting Umamimart projects coming up, so stay tuned! It is important for us to be in close proximity. Mainly so we can drink together, then stumble home. Cross fingers I don't get mugged.

I'll be out most of the week moving, and trying to set up shop. I'll write when I can, but for the time being, I leave you with the KAYOKO CHOCOLATES by Chicago's Vosges haute chocolatier. Mmmmhmmm.

Vosges Chocolates (CHI)

I swear I had nothing to do with the creation of these. You can imagine how totally floored I was when I saw this-- I FLIPPED OUT!

Vosges Chocolates (CHI)

Is this not awesome? Umamimart Green! Soft, crumbly matcha truffle encased in white chocolate, topped off with a pale sakura petal. I tasted so good-- but more importantly, I am so pretty!

Vosges Chocolates (CHI)

Happy Eating!



  • ‘Letter from the Editor’ sounds too cool! I love it! Happy moving.

    sakura on

  • SO excited for you to move to the East Bay. Let’s go Oakland!

    yoko on

  • Yay! Welcome to Oakland and my old place/hood! I’m super excited for you.

    chiara on

  • YAYYYYYYY! CONGRATS!!! I can’t wait to come visit next time I’m in Nor Cal!

    erin on

  • Kayoko Booby Chocolates. Perfect.

    kayoko on

  • The chocolate looks very booby.
    Congrats Kayo!

    Yamahomo on

  • OMG It’s all my WRITERS!!!!!! This is the ultimate comment lineup! This can’t be just a coincidence. Seriously, UM is SO Oakland, as it is SO Brooklyn. Thanks everyone for your support— love you all moltissimo. Boxing classes FO SHO! It’s KO, Pacquiao Time. xxxxxx

    kayoko on

  • Alright, finally moving back to civilization! You’re right, having lived in West Oakland for some years, the city (or should I say the ‘town’) also reminds me of Brooklyn in so many ways. If I ever moved to the bay I’d much prefer Oaktown over Cisco.

    And now that you’re moving to Oakland I suggest you take a few boxing lessons to prep you for any potential fights on the AC Transit!

    Paystyle on

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