Umamimart Mug Sneak Peak

Wow, November certainly snuck up on us, did it not? The sunlight is orange over here in the Bay Area (like the color of the World Series champs, maybe?); the air a bit crisper. The leaves are finally turning color. Amber! Crimson! Gold!

Ah, Autumn in full bloom.

But no time for sighs. There is so much going on here at UMHQ-- it's all so exciting, I must divulge.

First of all, we're launching the much-anticipated, online Umamimart Shop on Tuesday, November 16. Trader Yoko and I have been working tirelessly for months now to get the shop going-- it will focus mainly on high-quality kitchenware from Japan, starting with a fabulous lineup of cocktail barware and cups.

This is completely new territory for us, and we're giving it all we've got. I think you will approve.

And who wants just any old Umamimart logo mug? BO-RING! So we decided to commission artists to design Umamimart gear. The first project is a coffee mug designed by Skankyass UM Columnist, Anders, whose Venom Yum art studio is in Copenhagen.

Look at it! It's HOT SHIT, man.

This is a project that is especially near and dear to my heart-- not only because it's launching the shop (!)-- but because it was the biggest pain in the ass to get this cup created. You have no idea how hard it is to get something printed on a cup, in its entirety. Anders and Yoko had to hold my hand throughout this process-- there were definitely moments where I just totally LOST MY MARBLES.

But it's here-- in the flesh, in my hands, right now. It's FUCKING AWESOME.

So, mark it in your calendars, folks. November 16. It's happening. On the I N T E R N E T. Let's do this.



PS: To celebrate the cup, and the shop, I'm organizing a coffee-related event for Umamiventure #30, in mid-November in San Francisco. Details to come, stay tuned!


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