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I have been living alone for seven years now. I love living alone. There is no one to be passive aggressive towards, plus everything in your fridge is still there when you get home.

But the longer I live alone, the more I become oblivious to potentially unattractive behaviors (leaving used tissues everywhere) and fashions (a down vest from my grandma that stops short at my rib cage and in a really wrong way reminds me of Queen Padmé Amidala).

So I just came back from work, and realized that I do the same potentially hideous things with food. This was an epiphany I had while I was whipping up a favorite concoction right after I put all my bags down and blasted my heater on high.

This concoction is simply natto and half an avocado. I always mix my natto first alone with none of the sauce packets it comes with. Then I mash half an avocado into the styrofoam container and finally add the sauce and mustard packet with a dash of soba tsuyu. If someone walked into my place and saw me doing this, I would not blame them for wanting to throw up in the bucket that I have placed near my doorway for brining turkey.

Its unattractiveness starts when I mash the avocado into the natto to paste-like consistency. The concoction looks like an eco-friendlier version of Double Dare goop with pellets of brown turds. Further enhancing the grossness is that I don't even bother to use a bowl, because I am too lazy to wash dishes, so the edges of the styrofoam are coated in stickiness.

Delicious home cookin'.


  • Oh Yoko! I am with you. I make the exactly same dish. However I make it in a bowl since I use the whole avocado…..Natto Avocado over rice makes excellent natto dish……

    fuminatto on

  • LOLLL… i was thinking about this exact topic just the other day when i ate an avocado for dinner. (what is it about living alone and eating avocados for dinner, LOL?) also, i have a GREAT affection for anything mixed altogether in one bowl… i often think to myself: “if someone saw me eating this, i would be embarrassed as hell.”

    kayce. on

  • You can also add 1. chopped up tuna sashimi, 2. grated yamaimo, 3. mozuku, 4. chopped okura, 5. daikon oroshi, 5. (only in Japan) egg yolk, mix them till they completely harmonized into a big goop of puke-look-alike, and sprinkle nori. I first had them at a fancy restaurant in Hiroo, and now I am addicted to it. Sticky heaven!! I can only do this with Japanese friends, though.

    Yamahomo on

  • I love this. I am so on the same wave length. Don’t get me wrong i love my hubby, but sometimes I still get the cravings for the food I ate when I was single and super lazy. Natto being a staple among them. Also instant yakisoba. Oh god, it’s so terrible…

    ayagwa on

  • Just browsing this weeks METROPOLIS Tokyo English mag
    and see that once again UMAMIMART is one step ahead…

    Yoko might like to share recipe with this chef,

    He dosen’t seem to have a natto dish on menu.

    Next time I have natto in house I will be sure to try this unique combo. I love the look, and can’t imagine the taste.

    Lily on

  • OMG I get so lazy if i don’t have anyone to cook for. Sometimes (you’re not going to believe this but) I don’t even eat, or end up eating at like 9 or 10pm, which is just so bad.

    Lately I have been obsessed with fish sausage and mozuku (no work necessary).

    I also love eating standing up- there’s something really satisfying about it, but only something I can do when living alone.

    kayoko on

  • Looks like I’m having natto avocado gohan for dinner tomorrow.

    Ricky on

  • Chef in the City – totally bowls are essential for living solo. You can cook with it and eat from it. Super versatile.

    Fuminatto – Ha! I am so glad you make the same dish too. You’re two steps ahead of me with the rice. I’ll be cooking rice tonight cuz it’s Friday!

    Aya – yeah what is in that instant yakisoba stuff? And they keep coming out with new kinds, so there’s always an excuse to indulge.

    Yamahomo – Neba Neba heaven! I love yamaimo. And tuna sashimi is totally gourmet in my originally ghetto concoction.

    Kayoko – I think we talked about the eating standing up thing. I love eating fruit standing up because I can eat it over the sink without worrying about dropping pulp beads or squirting juice on something important on my desk.

    Lily – I gotta check out this Avocado guy. I was actually super relieved when I found that avocados are readily available and reasonably price in Tokyo.

    yoko on

  • Anders – You always make me feel better about myself. Not having to worry about keeping up an engrossing conversation and being eco-friendly are the perks of my lifestyle.

    Yamahomo – Next time you make that I wanna see a picture of it. Neba neba is certainly not revered in the western diet. Although, I am really surprised that people eat okra. But I guess you can’t really tell its neba-neba-ness once you stew the hell out it.

    yoko on

  • Yoko, we just had nebaneba don for lunch! I mixed natto, mozuku, yamaimo, daikon oroshi, and scallions. Yummy and sticky heaven. All the American co-workers looked at us like we were eating some human feces. LOVE it!

    Yamahomo on

  • Hehe, – hontou da. Being single really does keep you on the caveman level.
    It’s not until someone moves in with you (a guest or a lover or maybe even rodents) that you realise your own disgusting way of living – regarding how to eat your meals, sing loudly in the shower or other private bodily functions…

    But Yoko, look at it this way: by eating things from the same bowl you save water by not washing it up and thereby do Mother Earth a favour. Also: eating your dinner in front of YouTube is often more exciting than staring at your lover (or rodent) every single night. Dinner conversation is overrated.
    So there.

    Anders / DK on

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