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Why did I decide to make marshmallows? I made castella for Kayoko's mom, thanking her hospitality when we visited Cupertino. It uses about 15 eggs, 7 whole eggs and 7 yolks. I had 7 egg whites left. That's why. I could have made macarons, but I am kind of taking a break from it.

I also get a lot of cooking/baking ideas from looking through Tastespotting. Their pictures always make me want to create it for myself. And there was marshmallow picture that looked pretty good.

It's actually quite simple, corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, vanilla and egg whites (to make it fluffier). If you have a stand mixer, it is easy as hell to make.

I dropped food coloring, dragged with tooth pick, and chilled it. It was like painting on a canvas. Since I only had red and green food coloring, it looks like Christmas, but oh well.

It looks nice, very fluffy, and very booby. All men are totally obsessed with boobs, and this marshmallow had the consistency of them. Very jiggly.

Too bad, it tasted like fluffy sugar, and basically dumped the whole thing.


  • Who makes marshmallows in the middle of summer? I think the recipe I used [from Martha, of course] didn’t have egg whites…

    Also, you sound like Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin describing breasts…“like sand bags.”

    Christy on

  • are gay men obsessed with jiggly boobies too, Yamahomo???

    i like the jackson pollack psychedelic tie-dye look you’re going with these marshmallows.

    kayoko on

  • i’ll take a 40-year old virgin! so there’s still hope for us, Yamahomo.

    yes, just like sandbags.

    kayoko on

  • Boobs are jiggly and soft, aren’t they?

    Yamahomo on

  • I think marshmallows taste like fluffy sugar anyways. It reminds me of fireworks.

    Corey on

  • i suspect boobs don’t taste that good either. yamahomo-san, i was in tokyo last week and found this cell-phone strap with three macarons on it and thought of you. i gave it to hua though. haha – sorry!

    kiwa on

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