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Marta really is like a sister to me, and her family has always welcomed me warmly and treated me like a part of the family whenever I went to visit them in Cadiz, the south western tip of Andalucia.

It was a wonderful surprise when I found out that her parents would be in Madrid while I would be stopping in for 24 hours. Besides being able to spend some time with them, this meant that I would look at Juana, Marta's mom, with pleading eyes and ask her to cook all my favorite dishes for lunch. I'm shameless!!! But there's nothing like Spanish home cooking- I'll take it over a night at El Bulli any day (wow, strong statement!).

I am so spoiled. I mean, I actually WENT to the market with Juana and rattled off all my favorite Spanish comfort foods. Who do I think I am???

Anyhow, to recount my gluttonous requests, here are the lunch preparations- all my favorites (except for tortilla, but we won't go there).

Albondigas (mmmmeatballs- ground beef, pork, and an egg, covered lightly with bread crumbs, then deep fried):

Boquerones (fresh anchovies marinated in garlic, olive oil and vinegar):

The lovely, master chef Juana preparing the mouth-watering dish:

The all-important deep fryer, an absolutely MUST HAVE staple in any Spanish kitchen. Not really sure what they did before this was invented. Recall George Bluth Sr. and the cornballer:

Albondigas are fried to perfection- using olive oil to fry really makes a huge difference in the taste- it's essential for Mediterranean cooking:

Patats fritas:

And finally, the meal-- all this fed 5 of us!

Albondigas can be enjoyed plain:

Or with ketchup- which isn't so sweet in Spain, and is more just like tomato sauce:

I told you I'm spoiled.

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24 Hours in Madrid

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  • Amazing! Maybe you were spanish ina past life. I’m even vegetarian and I am craving those meat balls right now!

    erin on

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