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This is my third White Day. One of my first blog posts on UM was about my first White Day. Then there was last year's White Day.

Three times a charm and I finally realized that White Day is the one time to really milk it in the Japanese workplace. So this year, I made sure to give generously for Valentine's Day to my male coworkers. Additionally, I made sure to give to the right people: i.e. CEO and sales people.

Giving a Valentine's gift to the CEO was definitely the right move. As his White Day return gift, he took me and my department out for maguro steak kaiseki lunch on Tuesday. SCORE!

The other White Day return gifts are pictured here.


One of the conventions of White Day is to give white things like white chocolate and marshmallows. Personally, I don't like either, so I don't really know what I'll do with these Pierre Marcolini white chocolate hearts.

From the upscale chocolatier Waco Ginza.



  • oh my word… looks like quite a haul! the jordan almonds are my fave, tho. :)) too bad we don’t have “white day” here.

    kayce. on

  • Yoko, I love that you’ve figured out how best to milk the system. WORK IT!

    kayoko on

  • Oh White Day, Oh so gorgeous. Homemade chocolate chip cookie will turn to Pierre Malcolini return. What a great workplace you are in!

    Yamahomo on

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