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Lap Cheong aka Chinese Sausage

One of my loyal Monday night regulars brought me these on the other week. A bag full of Chinese sausages! YAY! He grew up in  San Francisco and swears that this one butcher in Chinatown, Mow Lee Co., makes them the best (774 Commercial at Grant, 982-5767).

Lap Cheong aka Chinese Sausage

He brought me the regular pork kind, and liver, which is a bit darker in color. I had never had the liver version before, and it's surprisingly not too gamey and liverish, and is quite easy to eat.

This is quite a staple in Hong Kong cooking, and prevalent in many dim sum dishes. Wiki says that countries all over Asia have their very own versions of the "Chinese sausage". Oh, the irony.

They came in twos, fastened by a piece of twine and carefully knotted together. I love this.

Lap Cheong aka Chinese Sausage

What I love most about this is that it adds just the right amount of flavor to a dish, without having to use too many. I've been slicing them up really thinly and sauteeing them with vegetables. I'll do a Lazyass Cookin' post with them soon.

Let's not get into the nutritional value of these sausages.


  • Yeah I made fried rice with this the other day. Cubed up and thrown into a wok, these were a great last minute life-saver.

    yoko on

  • I went to searching for the store in San Francisco to get some for my friend. It is actually spelled “Mow Lee”. Their full name is Mow Lee Shing Kee & Co and located on Commercial St (looks like a little alley) between Grant and Kearny).

    Lynn on

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