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Here is my new favorite place that Christi and Mike brought me to in Man Jose called Dia de Pesca. It's a seafood taco shack out of a "roach coach" that ROCKS. Literally, it's just an old school mobile home that houses the kitchen, parked in the middle of a parking lot, with tables and chairs. In the parking lot. It's pretty unorthodox and not something you see everyday in the South Bay, which I appreciated.

Order from that lady at the cashier. They have an extensive menu of Mexican seafood dishes.

So you order, get your number, and find a table. The place was pretty full on this Saturday night.

In typical fashion, we ordered too much. Ok fine, I ordered too much. But Mike and Christi knows how important it is for me to try everything on the menu so they humor me. This is true friendship, people!!!
Ostiones a la Mejicana- grilled (baked?) oysters with chorizo, cheese and pico de gallo. Fucking awesome. The mash up of the chorizo and oyster was otherworldly. Christi loved this.

Mixed seafood ceviche on a corn tortilla- fresh, tangy from the lime, with an excellent crunch from the tortilla.

Shrimp and octopus cocktail in a cup- friggin AMAZACRAZACRYINCRAZYAMAZING. You're literally scooping up spoonfuls of tomato sauce with shrimp and octopus and avocado. Dreamy.

Shrimp and crab flautas topped with guac, sour cream and salsa. Think crab rangoon from your Chinese take-out place downstairs, only 100 times better. So creamy!!!
For a non-seafood item, Mike recommended the chicken quesadilla. Good call- it was like an inch thick, filled with marinated chicken and cheese, with salsa, guac and sour cream on the side.

They have the day's available fish on a hand written menu right where you order to create your own burrito, taco, fajita, chimichanga, etc., which makes the decision-making process more difficult.
Anyway, we ordered a snapper, halibut and tilapia taco, one of each. These tacos are huge and I liked the pink sauce- but the fish was grilled and I prefer my fish deep fried in tacos.
We so did not have to get 3 of these, given everything else we ordered, but this is just how we roll. Daniel recently told me that when he thinks of me he thinks of "a belly waiting to be filled." Um, what would make you think that???

Christi knew I would love this place, and she was spot on. We've done a lot of stuffy fine dining together, but at the end of the day, this was one of our most memorable meals. I mean, who cares about French Laundry when you can just eat on a parking lot and have a seafood feast for $20 per person?
PS- funny story: We brought along Christi and Mike's adorable English bulldog, Molly to hang out with us while we eat. Poor Molly started pooping in the middle of the parking lot, about 15 feet from where you order. It was pretty funny and embarrassing as we cleaned it up (with everyone glaring at us), but the cashier lady actually BROUGHT OUT a BUCKET of bleach and towels to have us like REALLY clean it! I was shocked as to how seriously Californians take dog pooping- it made perfect sense, but I was totally mortified. Am I just a nasty New Yorker, or what??? Dogs here shit everywhere, I don't even think twice about it as long as the owner picks up after the mess.

Needless to say, we had to put Molly back in the car cause this was clearly not a dog-friendly place, which I thought was lame, considering we were in a PARKING LOT. Here's where Molly left her mark, AFTER we cleaned it all up. We did good, right Christi?

Dia de Pesca
55 N. Bascom Ave
(across the street from Pink Poodle- the local "adult theater")
San Jose, CA
T: 408.287.3722


  • of course- on our way to the beach AFTER we drop off the babies with their mama’s mamas. ha.

    has suburban living ever sounded so good? i don’t think so.

    kayoko on

  • HOLY FRAK that looks amazing!!!!! Can we go here all the time when we move out there with our babies?

    ayagwa on


    kayoko on

  • Omg I love excess.

    Sonja on

  • Dude, seriously, I keep coming back to look at this post, and the pictures. Shrimp and crab flautas? Oyster with chorizo? I CAN’T TAKE IT!!! (head explodes)

    ayagwa on

  • I’m scared.

    tmonkey on

    Fuck, I miss California right now. I want chorizo and oysters!

    ON DOGS.
    Dogs are only okay in California if they are those shitty little fuckers that fit in your purse. If you’d had a purse dog, everyone would have been up on your jock, turds or no turds.

    ON POO.
    For reals, though, the scent of NYC dog toilet right where I eat disgusts me, so maybe I’m an uptight Californian. You can pick that up, but the cloud around it isn’t going away. Every time you smell something, that means there are molecules of that in your nose and mouth and throat. So if you smell poo, there are tiny pieces of poo in your nose. While you’re eating? That’s nasty, man. Don’t do it. Just don’t. This whole city reeks of urine and poo all over.

    But Winky’s just crabby because she got her other eye tortured yesterday. No more glasses for me, Ma!

    amy ann on

  • amyann- you are totally right. ny dogshit is disgusting. it’s everywhere!!! it’s literally the essence of NY. ha.

    kayoko on

  • Thanks for calling me out on my comment. But think of all the fine company you’re now in. Pork belly, clam belly, tuna belly…


    Anonymous on

  • it’ll be a baby Fatassery, Tmonkey, complete with fish tacos. just you wait. nothing to be afraid of!!!

    kayoko on

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