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Miller Lite Signage

Chicago loves Miller beer. Maybe it's a Midwest thing (provenance Wisconsin), but seriously, it was everywhere. I saw people walking down the street with 12-packs, they were stocked in our hotel fridge, signs for them were plastered along the windows of every 7-Eleven, and people at bars simply yelled out to the bartender, "Gimme a High Life."

WTF is a High Life??? Oh, oh, pardon me. Miller High Life. But of course.

It intrigues me that every region has a beer of choice. Amstel Light wasn't even in my radar until I moved to NYC in 2002. I've noticed that Bud Light on tap is pretty standard in the Bay Area. In Japan, the brand of beer basically defines who you are.

What beers dominate your city? Which beer defines you?


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