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Sorry there are no pics. I just have to write about this, especially since someone in charge of this site is on vac(or f!!k)ation or whatever the bullshit she claims, but show must go on. We have to satisfy our devoted readers.

I just went to this new tapas place on 19th and 8th Ave called Socarrat Paella Bar. It is the newest tapas place on 19th street. Sala, Boqueria, and further on there's Tia Pol, El Quinto Pino, to name a few in this neighborhood. Portions are totally great, perfect for "permanently weight watching" gay people.

Me and my friend Keiko, whenever we hang out, we end up going to a tapas place, and we have had good times.

The more tapas places I go to though, the sadder I get. El Cid, the old school, don't-fuck-with-anything, just damn-fresh-and-yummy food place is just another victim of too-damn-expensive, we-are-outta-here rent prices. I heard they might move to Billyburg, which is great, but I don't think they will see me at the new location.

Food at Socarrat was so very mediocre. I was VERY disappointed by their shrimp. You know that supposedly fresh and plump and hot and garlic-filled shrimp swimming in olive oil? It didn't taste fresh.

Tortilla was ok, squid was how it should taste, croquette was ok. I thought this "pork belly" would have been totally good, but it was just ok. Nothing was better than El Cid...

Since they are so new, I bet they will have to adjust everything (they were training waitress on site), and I will give them a second chance, once they get the liquor license. As much as the bill was cheap as hell, which I liked, opening a tapas bar without a booze license is just like the Olympics in China without any scandals. They have to get it together (if I offended anyone, I apologize).

Now my breath smells like nothing but garlic. Great...

259 W 19th Street
Btwn 7th & 8th Ave
T: 212.462.1000


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