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Here's a fun accompaniment to U N I F O R M B E H A V I O R's flan choux discovery. One morning my mom enthusiastically proclaimed to me, "Kayo, try this now, it's delicious." I admit this frightened me a bit, as my mother is never so apparently excited about anything, let alone first thing in the morning.

This little obsession of hers is a quaint dessert sandwich called "Futae azuki" from Yufuin in Oita prefecture in Japan, which is known for their onsen (hot springs). It's two fluffy sponge cakes holding a piece of mizu-yokan together. Yokan is a dense red bean paste, and mizu-yokan is the lighter, jelly form of this Japanese delicacy.

The combination of the cake and the mizu-yokan was unlike anything I had ever had- all very light and it just dissolved in your mouth without consequence. Ephemera.


I bit into it further and felt something different. Some sweet cream!!!


This added another layer of complexity- as I say, a Western complexity. The butter cream is such a shock- yokan and cream??? YES WE CAN!!!