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On a recent trip to see my family in Sonoma County, I took some photos in my Mom's beautiful little vegetable garden that is surrounded by redwood trees. My dad built all the raised beds and my brother Ryan (who is an amazing gardner) has helped plant all sorts of wonderful things.

It's so fun to be able to walk up to the garden with a basket and pick things to make for dinner. Mom knows I love kale, so she's planted several varieties for me for when I visit (which happens to be every 3 months, the rule as long as I live so far away). I eat kale often, and there's NO kale like Mom's. It's crisp and sweet and tender and so flavorful! You hardly need butter.



Lemon tree:

Curly leaf kale:

Flat leaf kale:

Beet leaf:

Mom picking greens for dinner:


Happy Mother's Day, Mama!


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