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Jitlada (LA)

Sorry for this jank picture, but it will have to do. I present to you: Jitlada's Morning Glory Salad.

I can't stop thinking about this, since I had it two weeks ago at the famed Thai joint, Jitlada, in LA on Sunset. It's fried watercress (aka "morning glory"), chopped red cabbage, red onions, shrimp, more onions, cilantro, tomatoes, with a lightly syrupy, slightly spicy house fish sauce/lime concoction drizzled on top.

FUCKING AMAZING. Perfect for the summertime!

Haven't had anything like this since Sripraphai in Queens (Umamiventure #4), and now I'm on a hunt for it in the Bay Area. I woke up this morning craving it, and went on a crazed mission trying to find a fried watercress salad on an online Thai menu. Suprisingly, Lers Ros does not even have it. So the hunt continues.

Jitlada's menu is more like a novel, with over 100 items (200?) on it. Thanks to Zach from Midtown Lunch for insisting we order the salad! Although now I'm stuck with an addiction I can't alleviate from up here. It hurts me.


5233 West Sunset Boulevard

T: 323.663.3104
Twitter @jitladaLA


  • Dude I was fully into this salad but fully dissapointed by the portions they gave me. So so so small, maybe that’s why you can’t stop thinking about it? Because it left you hungry wanting for more?! Jkjk.
    I did not have a great Jitlada experience and doubt if I will ever go back there (Sorry Jerkey and Sarah).

    tomo on

  • looks unbelievable- I’m going to have to make something like it once my pea pods are ready for eating

    Daniel on

  • I actually thought our salad was quite large!

    kayoko on

  • You know, I couldn’t quite put my finger on this restaurant because it sounded familiar… turns out my friend’s best friend’s family owns this place. 6 degrees, much? lol

    Vivian on

  • Daniel- Report back on how it goes! Also, where are you living? I’m currently on a mission to find a salad like this in the Bay Area. Any leads?

    kayoko on

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