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Mozuku Somen: Mozuku

As I said goodbye to my drunk friend last Friday, he mentioned something about how good mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus - a type of edible seawead) and somen are together.

The next morning, slightly hungover, "mozuku and somen" was still ringing in my ears. I did a google search for a recipe and went to the local market to stock up on my ingredients. I usually fail miserably when I am feeling creative in the kitchen and hungover, but the mozuku somen turned out wonderfully.

Ingredients (pictured clockwise from top left):

3 tablespoons of mentsuyu
3 inch square of aburaage
1 serving (bunch) of somen (approximately 100 grams)
3 inches of yamaimo
A squirt of tubed ginger (fresh is even better)
1 serving of packaged mozuku (approximately 50 grams)

Mozuku Somen: Ingredes


Peel the yamaimo and wrap it loosely in saran wrap. Crush it with something flat - I used my shamoji (rice paddle). Be careful that the yamaimo doesn't squish out of the saran wrap.

Mozuku Somen: Yamaimo crushingMozuku Somen: Yamaimo

If the mozuku is not premixed with the vinegar dressing that it usually comes with, mix it now.

Mozuku Somen: Mozuku

Slice the aburaage into thin strips and lightly pan fry them (no oil necessary, just throw the strips over some heat until they crisp up).

Mozuku Somen: Abura-age

Meanwhile, boil the somen. In a strainer, pass lots of cold water through the noodles so they are cold to the touch.

To plate the noodles (or bowl them in this case), add the mozuku into the bowl first. Then add the crushed yamaimo. The somen should then be placed in the middle portion of the bowl. Top off the tower of somen noodles with the aburaage and a dab of ginger.

Mozuku SomenMozuku Somen: Close up

*Yoko lives in Tokyo. She loves dips, dashi and deals.

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  • i just tried making this for the first time. It was very interesting! I didn't have any yamaimo, which I think would have offset the intensity of the mozuku. Instead I grated some daikon over it, which really didn't do it justice. But the ginger was certainly a nice kick!

    I'll try it again soon!

    kayoko on

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