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The Grand Central Oyster Bar is unquestionably my favorite restaurant in NYC. It's my #1, totally and completely. I love everything about it- from the food to the servers, the long oyster bar counter, watching the soup guy make pan roasts and chowders, the clanking pots, the dim lighting, the white tiles, the swooping, cave-like architecture. Everything.

Platter of half-slurped Belons, Hama Hamas, Blue Points, Cherry Stones, and my favorites: Kumamotos and Totten Virginicas.

I remember being able to smoke in the Saloon when I first moved out here, even well after the smoking ban hit the city. I miss that. They still make the best martinis in the city though.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

89 E. 42nd Street
at Vanderbilt Avenue
T: 212.490.6650

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  • Ohhh! Perfect that you got to experience one last oyster season before you leave. Let’s also have oysters galore when you come to Tokyo.

    yoko on

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