Chinese wine? The thought is kind of odd, don't you think? I never knew it existed. One day after walking around the new Chinese contemporary art district called 798, I went to a convenience store near my hotel, and found booze section. Refrigerator was not refrigerated, and all the cold stuff was not cold. So I decided to buy wine. I saw some of the bottles I've seen here, but I had to try Chinese wine. When you think of Asia, including Japan, wine is usually made out of plum, rice, and other weird stuff, but not actually grapes. Even Japanese wines are pretty bad, I think.
I was suspicious, but I bought Fengshou red. It was 48 yuan, I believe, which is about $6.50 or so. Cheap enough. Brought it back to my hotel room, and tried it. Believe or not, it was actually more than decent. It tasted like WINE!

Then I kept hearing about how bad air quality of China is since I returned. I mean everyday was like the below picture. It's not haze, just bad air quality. I could actually see the sun without shades, that's how thick the smog was.

Did I drink poisonous wine that contains huge amounts of shit that kills you in 10 years, and by the time you realize it, it's too late? I will let you know if my health gets worse.

This is one of the sculptures at 798 district. It's Chinese version of Mr.



  • OMG I heard you should not drink Chinese American-style wine! Like it’s fake or some shit like that…

    Sonja on

  • There’s good Chinese wine, and bad Chinese wine. There’s good California wine, and bad California wine. You just have to know what to buy! Take a look at this video: China Wine Tours to see some interesting info about one of the best wineries in China!

    Marc on

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