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My parents are in town from CA and I wanted to take them out to a fun dinner. I went to Mario Batali's Otto Pizzeria a few years ago and had such a fun time, that I thought that would be just the place to take them.

I made a reservation (which wasn't easy). We got in at 8:45 on a Thursday and it was super busy. The wine bar in the front was so noisy that the first thing I asked the hostess was whether or not it was that noisy in the back. She sat us at a table in the WAY back to try and avoid noise...Um...that didn't help. It was seriously SO PACKED and SOOOO NOISY! And the music was like thumpy club music. We sat down. I hoped the next song wouldn't be so techno-y bad. But it was worse. We all looked at each other and about if we try someplace else? I promise! It didn't use to be like this!!

Up, up and outta there! I will not go back unless I'm on E. (So basically, never.)

We quickly brainstormed where else we could go at 9pm in the village and called Home Restaurant, but they were booked. We wanted to sit outside, so I thought of Cafe Asean on 10th Street. What a breath of fresh air! Phewwww! They have a lovely outdoor patio with little white lights and good service. The south east asian food is consistently good, but not necessarily anything to write home about. (Don't tell Kayoko, but my restaurant choices are usually more heavily weighted on ambience than cuisine.)

Still, it's quite tasty! The fried egg appetizer was especially good as was the side of long green beans. And it's affordable! The atmosphere on a warm summer night will win you, too- I promise.

Cafe Asean

Southeast Asian Cooking
Pan-Asian & Pacific Rim, Vietnamese, Malaysian
117 W. 10th Street
Btwn 6th & Greenwich Ave

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  • I went to Otto last Sunday for brunch, and it was very peaceful. I still don’t understand front area’s “no chair is allowed due to fire law” policy. I’ve also decided I don’t like the joint. Think crust is great, but I just can’t understand vongole pizza with clams in shells. It is the most annoying pizza consumption process, taking clams out of shells.

    Yamahomo on

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