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It was my friend Jonathan's birthday party last night at his new house. Buzzing with lots of English speakers and models from Romania, I bust open the door and there's a naked girl on his dining room table with sashimi all over her!

If you haven't heard of this phenomenon it's called "Nyotaimori" (direct translation "Nyo"=Woman, "Tai"=Body, "Mori"=mound). Basically you eat sashimi off a woman lying still. Luckily there are huge bamboo leaves that are laid underneath the sashimi, so it's not direct skin to fish contact, that would kind of gross me out. Although leaves were not placed on the boobies, they were placed to cover the privates, so there wasn't as much exhibitionism as I had expected (there are "no leaf" kinds too).

Obviously, photography was prohibited last night for this reason. It was a spectacle all right, but I found that most people were pretty "whatever" about it - after an initial and breif"wow". It was not as much scintillating-ly titillating as it was a novelty. It was like eating a happy meal - all about the packaging and presentation.

I had mixed feelings about the whole idea of Nyotaimori, the woman was totally objectified and I felt like I had to apologize every time I ate off of her. Once she was done and dressed, she was walking around the party and no one was talking to her. So, I talked to her, to try and erase the total objectification I had just perpetrated. Turns out she works at a restaurant in Azabu-juban, and this was the first time she had tried this. She was smart, head strong and seemed to have a voracious appetite. Apparently, her thighs were really tired from the experience. I'd imagine that is where you'd end up piling all your anxiety. Two hours of just lying there, no scratching your face if it gets itchy, and no passing gas.

Something like this image.



  • hmmm. that ny times link doesn’t look complete. BUT it’s on the good food link also.

    kanshefle on

  • this reminds me…

    i heard about this on kcrw's "good food." an excellent radio program, by the way.

    here's a link to that particular show (the body sushi discussion starts about 23:05 minutes in):

    and the ny times article that the guest (eddie lin of deep dish dining) wrote:

    kanshefle on

  • ha!!!

    ok, not funny.


    kayoko on

  • That’s really funny. Once, on Craig’s List (NY), when I was looking for a job, someone posted for an opening akin to this — basically be a naked human serving plate for raw fish. I actually applied for the job (because I needed the cash — and I thought my art school modeling experiences would come in handy) but they turned me down. The reason they gave was that, judging from my vocabulary in my letter of inquiry, I was too smart for the job. ???

    ayagwa on

  • i have been dying to see this. damn that no-photo policy.

    could you imagine if this was your job??? it’s just so absurd. definitely props to any girl who would do this though- i mean you can’t blame the women, gotta blame the market for it. at least that’s how i see it.

    great that you talked to her afterwards- i’m sure it’s super tough and isolating.

    kayoko on

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