Sake Gumi
NYE 2009: Flour + Water (SF)

Rang in the new year (well, almost) at the mucho-hyped, impossible-to-get-a-reservation, must-wait-over-an-hour-for-a-table Italian spot/pizzeria Flour + Water, in the Mission district, SF.

Four-course prix-fixe menu, A Night in Emilia-Romagna, dedicated to THE SUPREME food region in Italy. Bologna, holler!

Above: Tortellini en brodo with parmesan truffle & house cured meats, amuse bouche style. A shot glass bubbling over with stock and a single tortellini, sunken at the bottom. This was fun to slurp down.

Comforting, unpretentious food, excellent soundtrack, romantic coziness, among best friends. May 2010 be chock full of special meals like this one.

Check out the rest of the meal on the UM Flickr page.