My quest for an open restaurant in SF for Labor Day continues. Ritz-Carlton: closed. Chaya: closed. Acme Chophouse: closed. I'm about to tear my hair out- when I get an idea in my mind, I obsess over it. I want to dirty overly-pretentious-bleach-white linens. NOW.

Since I'm relatively new to the left coast, I still make comparisons to the NYC food scene. How could I not?

Where's the one place I would go if I could be over there right now? Hands down, Jean-George. And guess what? They're OPEN! Granted the only reservation available on Open Table is 5:30pm, but I would snag it in a second if I could go.

Jean George the Chef is by far my favorite in NYC for fancy. His restaurants are unstuffy (albeit the gold at JG HQ is over the top, but I love that), all serving spectacular food at an alarmingly affordable pricepoint. I will follow JG to the end of this world. In fact, I do follow his blog. He's so cute!

Perry Street is open too! Looks like he's recently named his son as the executive chef there. Has anyone been there recently?

I love you JG, for not only being such an awesome, down-to-earth chef, in touch with the realities of the economy, but for being OPEN amidst a sea of closed restaurants on a holiday.

Other fancy restaurants I am craving in NYC that are closed for Labor Day:
- Gramercy Tavern
- Craft
- Aquavit

*Look out for the upcoming ode to JG's molten chocolate cheesecake by Veronica!!


  • I hope he makes it year-round!

    I've actually never been to Spice Market. How was it? I hear there are private rooms downstairs that are nice.

    kayoko on

  • strangely, was in the hood and had labor day lunch at spice market. last day for the $23 three course at JG places.

    matt on

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