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Happy New Year everyone! This year's resolution for me is to try to post more since I've been pretty lazy for some time now. I went home last month, and found a couple of interesting items that hasn't been posted by Yoko in Tokyo JUNKtion.

1.) Fanta World, BIG APPLE, Limited Edition.



Fanta is widely available in Asia, yet, Japanese Fanta tastes the best. The color is more natural than the bright orange you see here. This version is apple flavored, and Limited Edition New York. Us Asians love anything "limited edition," Remember when Whole Foods had a limited supply of "I am not a plastic bag"? If you saw the line of people trying to buy one, it were probably 89% Asians.

Why New York? I have no idea, other than the obvious link of apple and the "Big Apple." It tasted ok, the bottle is cute, but the blurb on the back is very weird. Brief translation is:

New York is often called the "big apple". New Yorkers love apples (WTF?) Apple polisher means brown noser. You polish things you like, that is the New York style (WTF!). Once you drink this Fanta, you want to say "Merican" rather than "American" or "Nu Ork" instead of "New York," which is how the New Yorkers say it.

I apologize on behalf of the ad agency that came up with the worst generalization ever.

2.) Giant Pucchin Purin, Strawberry Flavor



Regular pucchin purin contains 75 grams of pudding inside, but this ginormous one has 400 grams. It's more than 5 times bigger than the regular one. Why? I have no idea, but the bigger the better right? What is the idea behind making everything bigger? Nowadays at airport souvenir shops, you see all the snacks we grew up with in ridiculously blown-up sizes. I guess size does matter.

The flavor of the purin was a failure. There's no need to have strawberry flavored caramel on the bottom. Pudding itself tastes the same as the regular one, but the caramel kinda ruins it. I ate this with my brother and sister-in-law and everyone agreed that there is no need for the strawberry flavor.

3.) Kishu Akai Umeshu


Do you remember Yoko's post on Ryokucha umeshu (green tea plum wine)? The company who produced it is located about 30 minutes from my hometown-- there are different versions available at any liquor store around my house, and this was one of them. The red color comes from red shiso leaves. It tasted ok, but nothing special.

This trip was a lot of fun. I bought a new Nikon digital camera with a touch screen, and I am trying to figure out how to take better pictures. Hopefully my UM pics this year won't be as bad as last year.


*Yamahomo is based in NYC and enjoys cooking and baking. He prefers staying in the kitchen all weekend rather than going outside.

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  • Osaka JUNKtion rocked. I agree there are way too many unnecessary limited edition things in Japan. Like Shiso-Pepsi or Black-Thunder Ice Cream. The packaging is tantalizing… but many times, the product itself is just a syrupy concoction of nastiness.


    yoko on

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