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I'm finally taking a much needed break and heading out to Cali for a week. God, don't I go anywhere else??? NO!!! All I want for the next week is pho and burritos and Sushi Kuni. I also want dim sum but Hideko informed me that they just went last weekend so we won't be going. WTF!?!?!? No love.

You best believe that the kakaboris meticulously map out what we eat weeks in advance. It's been the only point of conversation for the last month.

I'll check in with ya'll from time to time- be nice to each other while I'm away!!!

Meanwhile, here's a sneaky peak of what's to come...


  • How many vacays do you get?? I thought you just took one…I want to see the Vietnamese food stat++

    Sonja on

  • hey sweety – HAVE FUN!!! miss you.

    Mel on

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