Sake Gumi
On Saturday, I attended the New Amsterdam Public's 1st fundraiser event, which sold out. This wonderful little organization is dedicated to reviving the old site of the Fulton Fish market and filling it regularly with local purveyors. This would essentially be a monthly market place where you could not only buy local fruit and veggies, but meat, fish, cheese, eggs etc. Saturday's event raised money to make this happen. There were a lot of oysters, shuckers and tons of really good beer!

Some highlights for me: Beer Table!, amazing seltzer (Gomberg Seltzer Works Brooklyn), pickled turnips (Marlow and Sons) & Cooperstown Cheese Company's butter.

NAP's mission statement: New Amsterdam Market is dedicated to promoting our region's agriculture and to building a new community of purveyors, whose common goal is to pioneer environmentally and socially responsible food production.

For more info, to see an event description and a list of all the purveyors who participated, please click HERE.



  • I hate eggs, but your photo makes me sad that I hate them and can’t eat them.

    yoko on

  • Aw Erin, I so wish I could have joined you- we’ve got to get you to try these magnifiscent creatures!!!

    As always, gorgeous, Er!!! I esp like the shot of the seltzer bottles.

    kayoko on

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