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One of my most memorable meals in Japan- okonomiyaki, negiyaki, omuyakisoba, and a luscious creation called "tonpei", in Osaka.

Wiki says that the okonomiyaki originated in Osaka, and has been interpreted in different ways throughout Japan. It's basically a cabbage pancake filled with another meat or shellfish.

In Osaka, we went to a reputable place called Yamamoto (Yamahomo?), which has been around for decades. Here, they grill your order in front of you, and then the okonomiyaki are placed on your own personal grill to keep them warm.

We ordered a "deluxe" okonomiyaki (with shellfish AND meat). You even eat directly from the grill! Notice the generous layer of sauce (sosu) and the seaweed (aonori). Don't forget the mayo!

Something that I'd never had was the negiyaki, which is a thin layer of batter heaped with a ton of green onions. Basically, my dream dish- you can see the mountain of scallion on the grill here, as well as the huge basket he has filled with the good stuff. Like gold.

We got one filled with oysters. Flipfloppin' amazing.

Here's the guy's hand working the sauces.

The omuyakisoba- incredible. Basically yakisoba wrapped in an egg omelette. Can you dig it? Note squid pieces poking out.

Last but not least, the TONPEI. I saw the Grill Guy making this, and I called out, "I want one too!" You have to be shameless in Japan to stir things up a little (but I got in trouble for pointing).

Ok, so the tompei is batter, layers of fatty pork, then topped with an egg. It was so so so so delicious. Props to whoever invented this.

Are you drooling yet?

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  • OMG, I am having takoyaki/okonomiyaki party this weekend, and such a good timing to see this!

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