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Last week, I was asked to photograph the 2007 Chefs Congress sponsored by Star Chefs. It was a 3 day event full of famous chef presenters (including Joel Robuchon, Wylie Dufresne, David Burke, and David Bouley) sharing some of the most creative and cutting edge culinary techniques out there today.

On the 2nd night of the convention, Sam Mason (former pastry chef of wd-50) hosted an after party for all the chefs at his brand new SoHo restaurant, Tailor.

The gal at the door was tough (friends of chefs were not being let in!) but somehow I managed to get Kayoko in with me and we spent about 3 hours inside drinking with Sam and his crew. At one point, his sous chef even gave us a little kitchen tour and showed us how the liquid nitrogen machine worked.

Here are some photos I took that night:

photos by erin gleeson


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