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I have just spent the last few days in Connecticut celebrating Passover with my lovely boyfriend Jonathan and his wonderful family. They hosted a seder on Thursday evening for about 37 people. I had a great time helping his Mom cook and prepare for the guests. Here is a taste of the evening...

Each place setting was made with the guest's photo

Gefilte Fish

Hard Boiled eggs served in little bowls of salt water

Garnishing the Charoset (traditional passover dish made of apples, wine, walnuts and cinnamon)

Pine Nut Charoset

A new family tradition: Charoset made with kiwi, dried cranberries, toasted almonds and mandarin oranges

The story of Passover is read from the Haggadah before (and during) dinner

Seder plate

Parsley was dipped in salt water and served next to matzah and bitter herbs (horseradish)

Jonathan peeled and sliced about a million beets that were then roasted for the veg platters and served with asparagus and carrots

Grain-free desserts: Macaroons & merengues

After hours of story telling, lively singing and joyous feasting, I left feeling full and content. Can't wait till next year! Despite having to give up bread for a week, this is definitely my favorite Jewish holiday.


  • Hi Erin – what a great post! I love your photos. Especially of the table! Love the idea of personal photos as place cards too.

    Would you like to participate in the Passover Round-up 2009? I will be posting a photo from several Passovers, it would be great to have one of yours. There are no rules, just send me a photo and little bit about it. It posts on April 17. Come by my blog to see:Taste With The Eyes.

    Lori Lynn

    Lori Lynn on

  • Hi Erin,

    Glad you had a lovely time, I love your post and the photos are beautiful!


    Vanessa Bahmani on

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