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Yamahomo finally writes. I have been cooking various things that usual people don't even bother to make at home. The longer it takes, the more fun I get out of the process of cooking. Yeah, cooking is more than my hobby and sometimes I make crazy things, like Peking Duck. My boyfriend lives in a gorgeous apartment (Scarlett Johansson was checking out one of the units), and of course these days, high end apartment needs to have European made kitchen appliances that you cannot even pronounce nor can figure out how to use the damn thing. He has Gagganeau (article about this amazing oven will come soon) oven, which comes with a rotisserie rod, and it rotates in the oven. Seriously, the thing is so amazing.

You think Peking duck is super hard to make? I think any of the dishes that seems so difficult to make are not hard at all. It just takes forever. If you don't have patience, don't bother, just go to Chinese restaurants and have them make it for you, but it is a fun activity to make Peking duck at home. People think I am crazy, but I like it.

Anyhow, as I said, it takes forever. First of all, although I cook a lot, ducks with their necks attached are a bit too gross for me, so instead of $10 one in Chinatown, I ordered some Long Island duck from FreshDirect. Frozen ones will totally do perfectly. You dip the bird into a thickened liquid with ginger, honey, sake, etc., all the good stuff. Then you hang them and blow air at it for 6 hours. Since I don't have any of these fancy hanging devices you see at Chinese restaurants, I cut a hanger from the dry cleaner, stuck it into the bird and hung it from the cabinet knob, and fanned it for 6 hours.

The duck before the air is blown. Looks like a regular duck.

Air being blown. Don't you love my improvised hanging device?

After 6 hours of air blowing, it should sort of look like dried up, yet plump Angelina Jolie's lips... This makes the skin very crisp after roasting.

Time to roast. It took about 2 hours and check out the the golden brown!!!! I have a video of roasting, which will be posted soon.

By the way, instead of old school kitchen ties, silicon rubber bands are a lot easier to hold them tight. Look how great this looks!!

Then I made Chinese pancakes (made of flour and hot water, that's it) and wrap the meat with scallion and kicked up hoison sauce. By attaching two cakes with sesame oil, and flatten them, you get really nice sesame flavored pancakes. I am sure this can be used to wrap many other yummy stuff.

People say you only eat the skin, but I didn't pay for $20 for a bird not to eat the whole thing, so I included the breast meat as well. Man it was the most amazing appetizer EVER!


  • love me some Angelina lips! Ryohei, will you be my boyfriend?

    kayoko on

  • Chef Ryohei — you are too much. homemade peking duck AND homemade pancakes? Unbelievable!

    Hamamama on

  • that duck is turning me on!!!!!

    Mel on

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