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PELLET EATS SAN JOSE: Taqueria Eduardo #4

Written by Pellet
Photography by Kayoko

This place came in towards the end of the great boba craze of 2003-2004, I believe. Their boba is good, but their popcorn chicken is their fucking Gem of Cyttorak. It's perfect, though drowning in it scary red pepper powder only makes it better.

You can post up here and talk shit with friends for hours while surfing the web via your laptop, watching hilarious Youtube videos, and then score some drugs from the shady people hanging out at Jack in the Box a block away. At least I think they sell drugs. Maybe they just mug people.

I worked here for about 3 hours learning how to make the teas, fry the pork, and make bento boxes. The owner is a really nice guy, but I always try to avoid him nowadays, because his name was Chang, or something along those lines, where if I got it wrong I'd come off as really fucking racist. I am not racist!