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PELLET EATS SAN JOSE: Taqueria Eduardo #4
PELLET EATS SAN JOSE: Fried Chicken at Hydration

Written by Pellet
Photography and Captions by Kayoko

I don't even remember the name of the bowl of soup they serve, but it's great. Fat noodles, animal blood, ox penis, really distinct broth - everything to make you feel like a man (or herm). I'm bad at explaining flavors, textures, ingredients and other things some people take into consideration (it's either great, meh or fucking sick in my book), so the best way I can describe it is it's like swallowing the cock of Zeus. I'd pay like, 20 bucks to do that. I only have to pay around 9 bucks for a bowl of this soup. Needless to say, that's a steal. Their fresh lemon juice with club soda is good, too.


Bun bo hue with sliced beef, ox penis and blood cubes. A Lemongrassy, refreshing soup. Closer to tom yum then pho. Comes with a side of cabbagey julienned vegetables.

DUNDUNDUN- The ox penis!!! Tendony, a bit crunchy. Kinda tasteless.
Thick noodles.


Best of luck to Pellet in NYC. Carnitas, banh mis, all the Sublime lovers, fried chicken, the downtown crackheads and MAN JOSE will miss you very much!!!