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Pellet is an extremely imaginative, hilarious artist who is making his way to NYC from lil' ol' decrepit San Jose. Bright Lights, Big City!!! Having just left the city myself, I am extremely excited for him to branch out of California and tackle NYC head on. There ain't no other thrill like it, is there???

As a SJ newbie, I asked Pellet to take me along on a food extravaganza of all the places he will miss when he's shivering his ass off in NYC or skin to skin with strangers on the subway. Ohh la la. He's always talking about food so I wanted to know all his secret haunts.

Here's the first edition- Eduardo's #4. I'll be doing this in four parts until he leaves Saturday, with a duffel bag in one hand, and his one-way SFO -->JFK ticket in the other. HOLLA!!

Written by Pellet
Photography and captions by Kayoko

This dude Gabe, who I was gonna move in with, showed me this place about 6 months ago, which was about 3 blocks away from where I'd been living for more than four years. Jesus Holy Christ, you've gotta try their carnitas. Their super burritos and super nachos with carnitas are particularly amazing.

I've come here almost once every week for the past 6 months, save 2-3 weeks maybe when I was sick or something. It's no wonder my bitch-tits have gotten exponentially more grotesque right before my very eyes.

So here's a tip - don't go here every week, even though you'll want to. Everyone I've taken to this place has loved it and thinks I'm a genius. And I am. And Gabe's a total cockblock. I didn't move in with that guy.


Evolution of the Super Burrito with Carnitas: Burrito the size of your head.

Beans, rice, carnitas, salsa, cheese, more carnitas.
My chorizo taco for less than $2. Excellent- g-g-g-gone in 3 bites.

Any self-respecting taqueria will have corn tortilla chips under heat lamps and a salsa/taco condiment bar. Free for all!

Left to right: Tamarindo, Horchata, Jamaica:

Best horchata I've had in a while. Not watered down at all.

Menu- click to enlarge:

Stay tuned for more Pellet Eats tomorrow! In the meantime, be sure to check out:
Pellet's Website.
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  • goddamn, that burrito looks amazing… make “good mexican food” reason number two for wanting to move to cali. what’s the first reason, you ask? think about it… ;D nice post: can’t wait for more!

    kayce. on

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