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Ok, this might technically not belong on a food blog because it is a drink and it is not for human consumption. But I just had to make an exception for a product I saw at the local grocery store: Pet Sweat.

The Japanese seem to condone the use of the word "sweat" for a beverage. In fact, it seems to be quite marketable considering the classic beverage Pocari Sweat. But at least Pocari is abstract, not directly attached to a living thing that actually perspires.

This drink is calcium fortified water for pets. As bizarre as it is to buy bottled water for pets, it's even more bizarre that the name includes the word for its targeted consumer. Makes me think: are the Japanese that oblivious to the English language that they would accept and buy something that in the future could be named Human Sweat?

It's a good thing the little posh doggies walking around Tokyo can't read Japanese and especially English.


  • Is this safe for humans to consume? After a trip to Indonesia where I found petsweat for sale and not reading Japanese I gave it to my children!

    Sarah on

  • friggin hilarious.

    kayoko on

  • We have stuff like that in English too – the famous song Sukiyaki means Beef Stew … the song was getting popular, and they wanted a Japanese word that Americans would recognize.

    Nightwriter on

  • Was this refrigerated? I want to try..

    Sonja on

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