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Tmonkey once cooked with Michael Bao (of Bao 111, Mai Noodle Shop, etc.), so he knows a thing or two about Vietnamese food. So when he says where to go for the best pho in the city, you follow.

You know how there's 3 Vietnamese restaurants in a row on Baxter in Chinatown (and you never know which one to go into)? Well, according to Tmonkey, the first one off of Canal is THE ONE: Thai Son.

I could eat pho every day, especially in the summer. I always get the #1 combo (tendons and tripe. mmmm). A big bowl please! The soup has so deep in flavor- UMAMI! Look at these thin slices of beef- Marc taught me to take these out of the broth right away to keep them underdone. Genius.

Add some of these bad boys for extra heat. You may regret it though, like I did (read- my mouth burned for days thereafter).

Summer roll:

Don't forget the lime soda!

It's pretty much always packed.

Make sure to check out the hand-written special menu taped up to the wall too. Soft shell crabs, anyone?

Thai Son
89 Baxter Street
Btwn Bayard & Walker St

More Pho Lovin' in NYC: Pho Bang


  • hey danny,
    i've ordered a bunch of stuff there that has all been excellent. make sure to get this:

    Banh Hoi Thit Heo Nuong- Grilled Pork On Tiny Rice Stick W. Lettuce, Cucumbers & Mint Leaves.

    it's on the House Special section of the menu. DELICIOUS!!!!

    i have yet to try the soft shell crab. meet you there, dude!

    kayoko on

  • oh man, that place is the bomb. do you ever order ‘real’ dishes there? i never know what to get besides pho…

    danny on

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