Wednesday night is the last night for Pies 'n Thighs, a little hole in the wall (literally) southern eatery under the Williamsburg Bridge, consisting of a kitchen, a cash register, and an empty lot next door that is set up with picnic tables during the summertime. The Department of Health is ordering its demise in one way or another-- a true tragedy, only proving the extent to which the NYC administration continues to strip the city of its livelihood and spirit, that will leave us with just another barren wasteland of mirrored glass highrises and Olive Gardens.

PnT has the best fried chicken I have had in NYC, the chicken skin so crisp, never soggy, with fat salt chunks sprinkles. The pulled pork box is also a local favorite, with its vinegary tang; and the mac and cheese is a divine side dish from the cholesterol gods. And let's not forget their apple pie with shaved cheddar melted on top. The food here is always consistently excellent- I can't remember a one time that I had a disappointing meal since it opened. Could you say that about your precious Buddakans and your star chef empires, DOH?

Although they say that they will reopen in a bigger space this summer, much of the charm came from the cramped entrance, the short doors, the girls making biscuits behind the counter, getting a beer from the bar next door.

PnT needed to be landmarked, not closed. We'll all be there for your grand opening though, PnT, cause you know what? FUCK THE DOH.

For the time being, PnT, good night.

*Read the supplementary follow-up to this post, Pies 'n Thighs Manifesto: A Response


  • RIP you tasty place!

    Jon Sublet on

  • Also I have to admit that I LOVE the Olive Garden ):

    Sonja on

  • I have to admit that I live super close and have just been too scared to go! I read all those reviews on freewilliamsburg…but the name is so attractive.

    Sonja on

  • What’s the deal with DOH closing all these places?!? Isn’t there anything we can do about this? Last fall they closed my all time favorite Luncheonette in Greenpoint. Run by an elderly greek lady, Bea, she hasn’t shut the place in 43 years, except one day for her sons wedding. She’s been doing exactly the same thing for 43 years and suddenly some inspector says you can’t do that. Needless to say she is confused and devastated. There is no way she can afford the renovations required to bring her place up to code. Greenpoint hasn’t been the same since Bea closed up.

    Crusty the Clown on

  • this is so sad :( if only i’d known sooner.

    Anonymous on

  • “FUCK THE DOH”, huh?

    Great closing comment, shithead. You want to live and eat in squalor then go back the Midwest you piece of white trash.

    Please leave New York to civilized people who appreciate health standards. Good luck on the way back to your unemployed life in the trailer with your crispy chicken in southern Ohio.

    Anonymous on

  • Wow it’s hot in here! I love how the topic of dirty food gets people in a tizzie.

    Amarilla- I think that they were cited a few months back for their smoker. Apparently it’s illegal to have one in the city. Ummm… how the hell are you suppose to get good cue without a smoker? Beats me. Check this out from Eater.

    Unintelligible Anonymous #1, and Slappy, I’ve responded to you in today’s post.

    kayoko on

  • No loss. Seriously. Dirty, unkept, throwback to the Depression, soup kitchen. Complete with all the cast of characters in Rockabilly/jazz era wannabes.

    Slappy on

  • What violation were they cited for?

    amarilla on

  • You ought to go to France. Their Bistros wouldn’t be allowed to stay open in America and the food is still Amazing. Americans, We’re germaphobes

    sleestack on

  • Hey “anonymous” do you work for the DOH? Then fuck you too! DOH is worthless because it supports POOR HEALTH by promoting chain restaurants and their shitty unhealthy food. Their “standards” are nothing more than impositions by national restaurant lobbies that allow roach-infested chains to serve subpar food because they use toxic pesticides on their surfaces to keep the vermin hidden under their stoves. It’s all BULLSHIT. New York is a CITY, it’s got rodents and roaches and that’s how it is. Did anybody actually get sick from PnT??? NO. So get over yourself.

    Mike Caprio (not afraid to sign MY NAME)

    mik3cap on

  • A shame to see this happening all over the country. I hate the idea of eating from an unsanitary establishment, but what many assume at face value to be unhealthy is totally irritional. I've been food poisoned more times than I care to remember from established chains, than mom and pop neighborhood joints. Most people's opinion of sanitation and cleanliness is only skin deep.

    Anonymous on

  • Maybe this seems like a dumb question, but is the problem with the smokers the smoke?

    amarilla on

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