To respond to a few heated DOH supporting comments in the PnT post, I just want to address a few things.

I don't think that it's wrong to want a clean environment for your food. However, I think that there is a grave misconception by the DOH and the DOH supporters in general, which is that restaurants are holy spaces devoid of the same sort of hygiene issues that are in your own kitchens.

When I bring up flashy restaurants like Buddakan and the star chef joints, I ask, do you REALLY think that aside from their glossy exteriors, they are really "cleaner" than places like PnT? I think you all need a little restaurant experience to see for yourselves. Restaurants and chef status is all very glamorized at the moment, but at the end of the day, it is still all the same service industry and no one should forget that.

Now, I am not saying that the DOH is not important in matters of regulating the food industry from a governmental standpoint, because it definitely is. One Eater commenter said, "the DOH have to like you too". This is very true. However, it is clear that this administration has made it its mission to support the extravagant Buddakans and the Olive Gardens while forcefully closing the smaller, more quirky joints which are integral to the fabric of NYC.

The bullying of the DOH to such restaurants as PnT, the Sunview Luncheonette (mentioned by commenter Crusty the Clown) in Greenpoint, or publicly humiliating the sushi chefs of Ushiwakamaru a few months back are fine examples.

What they should have done with the Luncheonette is offer some sort of stipend to help with the restaurant upgrades to keep them "clean" and up to code, because ultimately, the city NEEDS places like that, just as much as the people do. The place was around for over 40 years! You can't buy that kind of time and devotion, Bloomberg!!!

If the DOH and the administration continue closing down these entrepreneurial small businesses replacing them with more corporate, more luxurious (hence more expensive) joints, we are all going to be priced out of NYC, and quite frankly, the city is just going to bore us to smithereens.

It's already happening, don't you see?


  • Amen to that! I’d just like to know: if no one’s getting sick and no one’s complaining, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM??

    The DOH inquisition/witch hunt has to END.

    mik3cap on

  • Go KAYOKO!

    Yamahomo on

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