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When I heard about the Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar a year back I thought it was the awesomest creation in the world. Little speckles of bacon in a bar of chocolate? Count me in.

So when I saw a sign exclaiming, "Pig Candy Is Here!" at Roni-Sue's Chocolates in the Essex Street Market, I stopped dead in my tracks. Actual strips of bacon dipped in milk and dark chocolate... oohlala! The little description card says, "Totally addictive!" The verdict: it TOTALLY IS!

Pig Candy is $38/lb., which sounds expensive but if you think about it, that's A LOT of chocolate covered bacon. Here are some strips, dark chocolate in the front, milk choco in the back. Doesn't the milk one resemble the face of a pig???

Here they are posing with a little toy oinker:

I bought a few strips each of the milk and dark chocolate Pig Candy to munch with my friends. I met them at Franny's for dinner, and brought out the bag of delights for dessert. We couldn't contain our excitement between the three of us, though, and ended up having the servers and chefs try it too. That saltysweet crunch is just irresistible- I'll take a side of chocolate with my bacon please! We all swooned in unison. I had successfully converted any chocolate-covered-bacon-non-believers. Mission accomplished!

I don't want to over-simplify it, but the recipe must go something like this (mas or menos):
1) Fry strips of bacon
2) Let bacon cool
3) Hand dip bacon in Calabaut milk or dark chocolate

But don't try this at home, folks- leave it to the professionals, please. That professional being Rhonda Kave, Roni-Sue's famed proprietress, who has been making chocolate for over 20 years. She opened up her charming little shop in 2007, and hoping to move into a bigger space within the market in the next few months.

Cute factoid about her logo that she told us, is that it was actually the sign for her mother's baby clothing shop in New Jersey, named after her. I love that story.

I think that this should be the gateway food for vegetarians to start eating meat. For all you closet bacon-loving PETA heads, I say try Pig Candy: the birds will chirp, the clouds will part, and God will come down and say, "Now, there is light."

Order Pig Candy online!


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