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Sepi (aka Jon Sublet) and Amira got engaged!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we popped open a special bottle of Juve y Camps cava that Marc brought back for me from Barcelona. So awesome of him! I had been saving it for a special moment, and this was IT.

The wine was crisp and dry- not sweet at all. It would have gone well with some mild cheese and charcuterie.

Note the awesome cork design- I had never seen anything like it, it's literally jammed shut, creating a triangular dip. Sorry, you can't really see here that well, but it was neat!

You can just pop off this black thing and then get to poppin!

Big thanks to Marc for this special wine, and big congratulations to Sepi and Amira!!!

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  • appropriately, this was posted on the historic day when the first African American President of the US has been elected.

    POP! POP! POP!!!!!!

    kayoko on

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