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Postcard from San Diego: The VG Donut

I'm in San Diego right now, visiting my best friend from childhood. We drove up north to Encinitas on Saturday in her 1963 Mercury Comet (SO HOT!), and made a pitstop at VG Donut & Bakery.

This donut was so fluffy and moist-- the glaze wasn't too sticky or hard, and the entire thing just melted in my mouth within a matter of moments.

VG has been around since 1969, still owned and operated by the same family. It certainly is a local institution, and they even do wedding cakes. Check out the yellow sign above, which says, "No turkeys in here! But lots of holidays goodies." How hilarious is that?

FYI, VG stands for Very Good. NOT VaGina.

This post is dedicated to Lauren P. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! Lots of love from sunny California. We miss your sweet tooth very much.

106 Aberdeen Drive
Cardiff, CA
T: 760.753.2400


  • Their Crumb Raised is the best donut I have ever had. And if you leave the bar next door at the right time, you get them fresh.

    conor on

  • Ha. You need to come back. Chocolate Old Fashioned, Maple Bar, Chocolate Cake, Crumb Raised and…well basically everything here is Very Good.


  • Can we get a full fish taco report? I'm sorry I just learned about it.

    Anonymous on

  • Vagina Donuts would be totally awesome though. They already have the hole installed, so they jsut need a bit of redesigning. How fab! Generally I think donuts need a rebranding, apart from the wholegrain ones in Tokyo…

    Anders on

  • VAJ Donuts. Genius.

    yoko on

  • Anonymous- Yes! It's coming! Sad you didn't know about it before- but please join the UM Facebook fanpage, or follow UM on Twitter to stay updated on all our trips. I'll do another one in SD again soon!

    Anders- I'm gonna open a donut shop here in Cupertino, and name it VAJ DONUTS. I'll create a donut, something with cream filling, in an odd oblong shape and name it after you.

    kayoko on

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