I'm frolicking around Chicago at the moment with @totallymatt, eating and drinking my way through this magnificent town. Just yesterday we went to Hot Doug's for lunch, Kuma's Corner for a beer, Blackbird for an incredible fancypants dinner, then The Green Mill for a jazz nightcap.

At a certain point late in the night, we got wasted. So wasted, that at 2am, we stumbled into the McDonald's Super Center down the street from our hotel and ordered some chicken nuggets. And look at this, they had a BBQ sauce dispenser! Genius! Do they do this everywhere now, or is it a CHI thing? I remember when they used to be hella stingy about their sauces and wouldn't give them out unless there was begging involved.

We ate our nuggets on leather Barcelona chairs. For real. This was by far the creepiest, yet classiest Micky D's I've ever been in.

It's been a blast here in CHI, and we still have a whole day left. Yay! Get real time updates on Twitter and Facebook. Chicago is such an awesome eating city!


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