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Rusty Nail Go Cup

I made it! After a horrible 15-hour trip yesterday to get here (SFO --> LAX --> DFW --> MSY; Damn you, American Airlines!), I'm here! My first night was totally awesome-- fireworks, bloody marys, red beans and rice, waving to Harry Connick Jr. and Sean Payton on floats.

We made a pitstop for a drink at Besh Steakhouse-- I saw Drambuie behind the bar, so I ordered a Rusty Nail. Of course! By the time everyone else caught up with us, I was still mid-drink. Marshall called out to the bartender, "Can she get a Go-Cup?" I was bewildered by the secret NOLA lingo, but lo and behold, the barkeep handed me a plastic cup.

And off we went to the next bar, with my Rusty Nail in a Go-Cup. Love it.

Today's the big celebration day, FAT TUESDAY. I'm in a ridiculous pink glittery costume right now and we're headed out the door. I'll try to upload my pics in (close to) real time on the UM Flickr page-- check out more pics from last night there. And of course, I'll be twattering.

HAPPY MARDI GRAS! I hope you all spend the day wasted!