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Postcards from Japan: Buffet for the Civilized

Apparently, this is how civilized people eat at buffets in Japan. Who needs plates when we can all just eat out of little glass cups and ramekins???

What a difference from the way we pigged out at the Wynn in Vegas earlier this year.

Come on, America! Get it together!!!


  • So, is the buffet just lots of tiny cups and ramekins out for you to pick then? That is a really cute idea and probably helps a great deal with portion and food waste control.

    Carolee on

  • Hi Carolee- Yes, everything already came in these little cups and bowls, they were displayed this way. In all fairness, it was really only the salads and apps. The main entrees were all displayed in regular buffet style.

    But yes, definitely would help with portion control. Esp in a buffet setting where it's hard NOT to go portion crazy.

    kayoko on

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